Saturday 1 August 2015

Ayurvedic Treatment For Hair

In this busy daily Life We forget to take care Our Health,Some are back of taking care,when they got serious problems on Health,But Most of didn't really care about Hair.We use shampoos and other cosmetics for Hair it is really dangerous.In here I will show you some easy tips for Hair.


                  1.Egg:-Take the white protion of egg,Apply gently in to your Hair,wait for 30 minutes,After that take a Shower.This give glowness and Increse the development of Hair.


             2.Cookered Oats,Squeezed Lemon Juice,Karpooram:-Take One tabelspoon of Cookered Oats,Mix this with One spoon of Lemon Juice and One pinch Karpooram.Mix all the Ingredient's and Apply gently in Hair.After 15 minutes wash it with Hot water(Not Boiled).Do this twice a week,It helps to remove Dandruff.



         3.Coconut Milk,Goat Milk:-Take Cocunut Milk and Goat Milk in same quantity,Mix it gently.Massage gently on Hair.After 1 hour wash it off.Doing this 4 times a Month is good for Health of the Hair.




         4.Curd:-Applying Curd in Hair is good to get rid from dandruff.Apply Curd and After 15 minutes take a Shower.


       5.Almond Oil and Coconut Oil:-Mix these Oils in same quantity,Apply before going for a shower.This will reduce grayness of hair.




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