Monday 3 August 2015


There are many uses with coconut oil,like cooking and making of medicines etc..You can use this oil to get rid from dandruff,To get a Glow skin,Also can increase oil amount in Dry skin's.Coconut oil have large amount of Calcium and Magnesium it helps to get strong teeth and joint's.

               1.DRY SKIN:-Massage Coconut oil all over the body after 1 hour,Take a shower.It will increase oil in Skin.


               2.Oatmeal and Coconut Oil:-Mix Oat meal and Coconut Oil,Apply on face after 30 minutes,Wash it.Doing this will helps to get a Glow,Fair Skin.


              3.Head Massaging with Coconut Oil:-Massaging head with coconut oil helps to get rid from dandruff,Also develops the Mental Health.


             4.Daily,Coconut Oil:-Applying Coconut Oil is good to escape from Skin problems,and Aging.It kills free radicals which cause Aging.



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