Saturday 15 August 2015


This is plenty in Our kitchen,We Should know the treatment with Garlic.It can cure Gas trouble,Heart Problems,Even can cure Cancer.In here I'll show you 5 medicinal uses with Garlic...


           1.GAS Trouble:-Take 50 grams of Garlic and grind it,Add this grinded  garlic to 1 glass of milk,Mix it well,Have it.To cure Gas trouble should take daily at night.



             2.Earache:-Take the liquid of Garlic and Grind it,Add Salt mixed Water to it,Stove it and Take away when it become little hot.Drop,3 drops to Ear for 2 times a Day.
NOTE:-Salt mixed water should be half of Garlic liquid.


  3.Blood Pressure:-Have two pieces of Garlic daily,To cure blood pressure.


             4.PNEUMONIA:-Mix Garlic Liquid and Mustard Oil Well,After Mixing,Massage this into Chest.Take 2 milliliter of Garlic liquid,Add to 1/2 glass of Milk,Have two times a Day.



                       5.Abscessed Tooth:-Take 4 Garlic piece,Grind it.Add to One Glass of Water,Boil it.Wash the mouth with this water.



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