Friday 14 August 2015


Hi,The best treatment to remove Pimple's easily.These ingredient's will also helps to get a Glow and Fair Skin..

               1.NEEM:-Add One hand full of Neem in Water,Boil it,Make it dry.Wash your face with this water in Early morning.


               2.Manjal,Neem Oil:-Mix Manjal and Neem oil,Apply this on face,After 2 hours,Wash it off.


      3.TULSI Liquid:-Apply Tulsi leaf's liquid in Face,After Half hour,Wash it off.


               4.LEMON Juice:-Apply Lemon juice in Early Morning and take a Bath,Apply during night before going to Bed.


(NOTE):-Dry Skin's don't use Lemon juice over the Skin.




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