Friday 14 August 2015


Hi,I'am gonna give you best treatment to remove blackness on your neck...The best Ayurvedic Treatment.

                  1.Lemon Juice,Skin of Milk:-In 1 spoon of lemon juice,Mix two teaspoon of Milk skin.Apply this on Neck,After 10 minutes,Wash it off..


                  2.Lemon Juice,Salt:-Add Salt in One Lemon's juice,Massage this all Over the Neck,After massaging,Wash it off..


3.Potato:-Cut the Potato,Massage all over the Neck.


                   4.CURD:-Applying Curd in neck is good to remove the blackness due to exposition of Sunlight.Wait for 10 minutes After applying curd.


                   5.HONEY:-Massage Your neck daily with Honey,Massaging starts From Upper part of Neck to Downer part,Massage for 20 minutes.




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