Saturday 29 August 2015


Hi,Curry neem leaf's is a common leaf used in our kitchen,It mainly used to increase smell and taste,But We are unknown about its medicinal uses,So,In here I'am going to show you the best treatment with Curry Neem.


                1.Digestive Problems:-Take 10 Curry Neem leaf's Grind these leaf's in Buttermilk,Grind well.Have this after Your dinner.


                 2.Cat's Bite:-Take Curry Neem and Turmeric in equal quantity,Grind it well,Apply 3 time's in effected areas.


               3.Mental Problem's:-Take 1 teaspoon of Curry Neem leaf's Juice,Have this for 3 times a day.It will cure every Mental diseases.


               4.Foot Cracking:-Grind Curry Neem and Turmeric well,Apply this grinded paste on effected areas.


       AMOUNT:-2 Pieces of Turmeric,1 Stem leaf of Curry Neem.


              5.Improve Your LooK:-Having 3 or 4 leaf's of Curry neem daily can increase your look and beauty.


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