Saturday 15 August 2015


Hi,These are the best remedies to remove Marks and Blackheads from your Face.This is also a best medicine to remove Pimple marks....

                1.RED Sandalwood:-Take Red Sandalwood Powder,Mix with Rose Water or Honey,Make as a Paste,Apply to face gently.This is good to remove Black marks from face.


                2.Orange Peel:-Take the dried Orange peel Powder,Mix this with Milk and Massage to face.Good to remove Marks from face.


                3.Orange Liquid:-Squeeze the Orange and take it's liquid,Apply this liquid to face well.This good remove Dot's and Marks from face.


                4.Tomato Liquid,Butter:-In two teaspoon of squeezed Tomato liquid,Mix One spoon of Butter.Apply this mixture to face.


               5.Henna,Banana:-Mix Henna and Banana in Equal quantity,Mix as a paste,Apply to face.These good to remove Holes from face,also Black marks.


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