Friday 21 August 2015


Hi,Bleaching increases Skin tone,it has many benefits as well,So I'am going to show the Natural Bleaching techniques......

           1.LEMON,TOMATO,CARROT,OATS:-Take Half teaspoonful of Lemon juice,Two teaspoonful of Tomato juice,Two teaspoon Carrot juice,and One teaspoonful of Oats juice,Mix these ingredients well,Make these as a Paste.Apply for 30 minutes,Wash it off.Doing this in One's in a week helps to get a Glowing,Fair Skin.


2.Cow Milk,Lemon Juice:-In two tablespoonful of Cow milk,Add One Spoon of Lemon juice,Mix this well,Apply for 15 minutes in Face,After that wipe it with a Tissue or Cotton Cloth,Wash the face with Cold Water.


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