Wednesday 5 August 2015


Ginger,a common name We use in kitchen,There many medicinal uses with Ginger like,it cure's diabetes,even for Cough.It kills Fat in the body.So,In here I will show some easy uses with Ginger.


            1.STOMACH ACHE:-Don't run for a Doctor,if you feel something wrong in Stomach.You better try this,,Take Ginger and make it as Paste,Mix this with Garlic,Have this,It will cure stomach ache and other problems with Stomach.


            2.Ginger for Diabetes:-Eating Ginger will helps high amount of Glucose absorbing in Blood,That means without Insulin they can absorb more Glucose.A best medicine to cure Diabetes.


           3.Ginger a Energy Booster:-Add Ginger paste,Honey,A little bit salt in Lemon juice.This a Great Energy Booster.



          4.For Cough,Vomiting,Throat Ache:-Add Honey in Squeezed Ginger,This will helps to cure Cough and Other problems with Throat.


         5.Ginger with Milk:-Add Grinded Ginger in Milk,This is best to kill fats in body.You can also add this on Soup,or even in Tea.



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