Thursday 13 August 2015


This are the best Ayurvedic face packs for Skin.Best Face packs for Dry skin's,Oily Skin,Best to get  Wrinkle free Skin,Also is best to get a Smooth,Fair,Glow Skin.....

            1.Oily Skin:-Take One Teaspoon of  Indian Cucumber juice,Half teaspoon of Lemon Juice,and 5 or 3 drops of Rose Water,Mix these ingredients well.Apply well on Face,After 15 minutes wash it Off.This a best Face Pack to remove Oil in Skin.



            2.Dry Skin:-In One teaspoon full of Olive,Add one half of Lemon juice,and White Of Egg,Mix this well.Apply on face Well,After 15 minutes,Wash it off.


            3.To Remove Wrinkle:-Take White of Egg,Mix this with One table Spoon Honey and Make as a Paste.Apply on face and neck,Wash it when it Dry well.


            4.For Every Skin Type (EXPECT SENSITIVE SKIN):-Take Half piece of Banana,Mix with half Table spoon of Honey.Mix well until Banana pieces completely mixed.Apply on face,After 15 minute's Wash it off.


           5.To Get Glow,Smooth,Fair Skin:-Add Salt in Body Oil,This should be Equal quantity.Massage slowly in face and neck.




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