Monday 10 August 2015


Hi,You might be trying to get away from itchy disease,Herpes.If you don't have Herpes only itchy,this is a best medicine for that too..

                    1.Lemon Juice and Potash:-Add pieced Potash in Lemon juice,Keep this in Sun light,Make it hot.After that,Apply on Effected area's.


                  2.SESAME,TURMERIC,CURD:-Grind Sesame and Turmeric well,Add this into Curd,Massage this on the Body.This is a best Treatment to kill Herpes Virus.


                 3.GINGER,SESAME OIL:-Mix Ginger Powder in Sesame Oil,Have in Early Morning.This for Herpes effected in Mouth.



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