Friday 21 August 2015


Lemon is a great medicine for Cough,Scorpion sting,Pimples and many more.So,In here I'am going show the treatments with Lemon.So,Lets begun...

            1.COUGH:-Squeeze One half of Lemon,Take it's juice,Mix this juice with Honey,and Have.Continue this in every 2 hours.

        Honey:-2 teaspoonful

            2.Scorpion Sting:-Add Holly Basil leafs in Lemon juice,grind this well.Apply to sting for 3 times a day.


            3.Pimples:-Apply Lemon juice on pimples before going to bath in morning,and During night before going to Sleep.



           4.Defense to Chickenpox:-
Mix Lemon juice in jaggery,Have two times a day.

             LEMON:-One full Lemon Juice. JAGGERY:-8 gram


           5.BAD BREATH:-After Brushing the teeth,Take some lemon water,swish for 10 minutes in Mouth,and Spit out..Drinking Lemon water is also a good treatment for Bad Breathe.


           6.Slim Easy:-In lemon water mix some Honey,Have this in Empty stomach during early morning.


         LEMON:-One full squeezed lemon juice. Honey:-10 gram.


          7.FRECKLE:-Lemon juice,Holly Basil liquid,Mix these in Coconut oil,Massage this in Head,After 20 minutes,Take a Shower.

 COCONUT OIL:-50 GRAM.. HOLLY BASIL:-One teaspoonful of Liquid.. LEMON:-One teaspoonful of Lemon juice.

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