Saturday 1 August 2015


Chapped Lips and Color faded lips will kill's the Looks and Confident's,You must trying of lipsticks other ways,Say Good Bye to Lipstick's,In Here,I'am going to show you some Easy Ways to get Sexy Cherry Lips.

         1.Honey:-Apply Honey before going to Bed.It will give redish color to the Lip


             2.Squeesed Lemon Juice:-Apply Lemon juice over the lip,It will increase lip color.
NOTE:-Dry Lip's wont use Lemon over the Lip.


        3.Creamery Of Milk,Lemon Juice:-Mix this and Apply on Lip,It helps to get rid Blackness of Lip.



        4.Creamery Of Milk and Ghee:-Applying Creamery Of Milk and Ghee is good for get rid from Chapping of Lip.


      5.Vitamin E:-Vitamin E is the best for Lips,Have Vitamin E rich foods daily,like,Milk,Egg,Cheese,Bannana.





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