Friday 31 July 2015


                   The Very Precious Medicine's Present in Our Home's,These medicine's stimulate energy in Our body,Good for Eye Power,Heart,To have Glowing Skin,Increase Memory Power,Helps To remove Pimple's and marks in face,Helps to be Slim.

                        1.RAISINS:-Have 3 gram of Raisins before going for a walk or doing excercise it will increase your energy level,Have 8 gram of Raisins daily it boost up your energy.

                      2.KIWI Fruit:-Kiwi fruit is a anti oxident,contains Fiber,Vitamin C,Vitamin E,These are good for Skin and Eye's,It also helps to lower the blood pressure.


                     3.Olive Oil:-Cook Your food in Olive Oil or Sun flower Oil,These are good for Heart


                 4.Orange Coloured Fruits and Vegetables (Carrot is Best):-Want To have a Glowing Skin, Have Orange Coloured fruits and Vegetables.

                5.Blueberry:- Have Blueberry,it helps to improve Memory power,I t will fine the production of Brain Calcium Metabolism,Blood Sugar Metabolism.

              6.THULASI;-Take Some Thulasi Leaf's squeeze to form a liquid,Apply this Liquid in effected area's,After 1 hour Wash it off.

            7.HONEY & Lime Juice:-This is for to become Slim,Take One Lemon and Squeeze it,Take 10 gram Honey,Mix together and Have it.This Should take in Morning Only.



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